Sunday, May 8, 2011


            There once was a family of three bears – Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear. They live in the middle of a forest. Everyday they sat down and had a breakfast of hot porridge.
            One sunny summer morning, Mama Bear spooned the porridge into their three bowls. They tasted the porridge and they noticed that the porridge is still very hot, so they decide to go for a walk until their hot breakfast cooled.
            A little girl named Goldilocks was out walking in the woods that day And was feeling hungry. She saw the Bear’s house and knocked on the door, but there was no answer, so she let herself in and saw the porridge and gobbled it all up. After she had eaten, she wanted to rest and saw three chairs and find herself fitted on the wee little chair, as she sat down so hard, the chair broke all to pieces. Then she was very tired and went upstairs and found three beds. She lay down on the wee little bed and fell asleep.
            When the three Bears returned home from their walk, they noticed that things were not quite right. They saw their bowls of porridge were empty, the wee little chair was broken and when they went upstairs they saw somebody is sleeping on the wee little bed. Since they created a noise, Goldilocks awoke and jumped out the window and ran off as fast as she could. And the Bears never saw Goldilocks again.
            The moral lesson that we can get out of this story is that, its really not right to get inside a stranger’s house. Goldilocks should have waited the owner of the house and not just entered in it, have eaten and ruin everything.

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